Notice of Candidates

Pursuant to the Z-PAC Constitution,

Rule 11 c. (iii)
‘A list of the candidates’ names in alphabetical order, with the proposers’ and seconders’ names shall be posted in a conspicuous place in the office or usual place of meeting of the Theatre for at least seven days immediately preceding the Annual General Meeting:

The following nominations have been received before the 21st February 2018 :-

Derek BarringtonGraeme RobertsDeborah HunterVice President
Steve DixonLiane MillsGraeme RobertsSecretary
Michael Leslie DohertyJeff SweeneyKatanee DraheimArtistic Director
Katanee DraheimCherie TreloarLynda EggerlingSecretary
Louise FantinelDeborah HunterJoanne SpencerArtistic Director
Deborah HunterLiane MillsSteve DixonTreasurer
Shane KingFiona Hunt-ArmstrongDerek BarringtonPresident
Liane MillsGraeme RobertsJoanne SpencerPresident
Joanne SpencerLiana MillsSteve DixonPromotions
Jeff SweeneyMichael DohertyLiane MillsTechnical Director
Cherie TreloarKatanee DraheimLynda EggerlingArtistic Director

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