2019 – Term 1 – Being Human

An 8 Week Drama- extension Program for Teenagers to Adults

Course Breakdown: This beginner foundation program is designed for Teenagers to adults. Its focus is for the development of three key areas: confidence, development of emotive and connective acting, and the development of the ‘actor body’. This 1 term course will aim to push actors’ comfort levels whilst improving their ability to embrace theatre decorum and work ethics. It will also prepare students to be ‘show ready’ for the coming year and is a complimentary program for reinforcing any future performing endeavours, in any of the performing arts areas.

  • Week 1: Getting to know you games, confidence in a group and knowing ‘the Stage’.
  • Week 2: Being ‘stage physical’, realism techniques, acting technique.
  • Week 3: How to ‘listen’ and act emotively. Work with simple texts. Partner/trio work
  • Week 4: Creating a character body and its application to performance.
  • Week 5: Creating a performance. Designing. Scaffolding.
  • Week 6: Reinforcing previous skills. Beginning ‘The Project’
  • Week 7: Working towards week 8 show
  • Week 8: Last minute fix-ups and performance.

If actors are away for any of these weeks, I’ll have a copy of what we do, and information/theory to back-up what we do. I will also spend the first 5 minutes of each lesson recapping what we have done the lesson prior and to see what students completed for HOMEWORK.

Yes there will be HOMEWORK… but I promise it will be fun – simple easy activities to reinforce the lesson and prepare them for the next week. Please complete in the attached book, but don’t stress if it is forgotten about. It is optional but HIGHLY recommended.

In the last few weeks, actors will need to learn lines and blocking and movement etc. for their performances. These are NOT optional. For their performances to be a success, I will expect actors to be ‘off-book’ and prepared on dates I request. There will be plenty of notice and we will work on it in class, but I do not have enough time to catch actors up.

Thank you for considering enrollment in BEING HUMAN. I am certain you will be able to showcase just HUMAN you can really be, by the end of this course. Cheers!