Statement from President Nominee: David Coleman (2020)

Liane & Steve originally asked me to nominate for secretary but as I listened to more people and reflected on my time with Z-PAC I felt I wanted to give you the chance to actively choose a president. Whilst I have some ideas about what our future could hold my key message is that this is a community theatre where everyone should enjoy what they do, be treated equally and always be respected & supported in everything they do.

I sincerely love the way that Z-PAC embraces the community it’s part of; I’m lucky to have joined at such a great time and am keen to continue the outstanding work done to date.

Since joining Z-PAC I’ve become an active front of house volunteer, actor and director; I have been heavily involved in theatre since 2003 and have been president of two theatre groups (Samford & Coolum). Furthermore, I have variously been president, secretary, treasurer and “normal” member of many theatres and charities.

There is only one change I know I want to introduce – to make the culture more inclusive and supportive. Beyond that, I want to hear from the diverse Z-PAC family to ensure we provide our patrons with the entertainment they want (thus an income to grow) and gives people the opportunity to learn new skills and make new friends.

If you’re unable to attend the AGM in person, please consider appointing a proxy that you feel will represent you; you can direct your proxy to vote on some matters in a certain way or leave all matters to them. I thank you for your consideration and look forward, whether elected or not, to being part of Z-PAC as we continue to entertain & educate the wider Fraser Coast community.

David Coleman
0408 074768

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