Code of Conduct


Z-PAC Theatre is committed to high ethical standards and this Code of Conduct sets out the standards the theatre requires of all members. It is essential that all Theatre officials (Management Committee and Volunteers) work together to maintain our excellent reputation. Z-PAC has adopted the National Standards for Volunteers as our preferred practice and we aspire for recognition in the future from Volunteer Australia. Z-PAC Theatre appreciates the services provided by Committee members and Volunteers, however you are responsible for maintaining our high ethical standards. The Theatre expects all parties to perform their duties with integrity, honesty and fairness.

Our Code of Conduct

Conduct and Behaviour

Committee members and Volunteers are to:

  • Actively participate in Theatre meetings, being courteous and constructive in your communication.
  • Provide feedback and advice or ideas as appropriate.
  • Show respect to their peers, Committee members and others during discussion in meetings.
  • Carry out instructions given by any person having authority to give such directions, whether or not they agree with them.

Committee members are to:

  • Provide advice without fear or favour.
  • Give full attention to their work and do their work efficiently, economically and effectively with transparency.
  • Maintain positive relationships with all Theatre members and patrons.

Responsibility of all members

  • All members are responsible for their own good conduct when present at the Theatre.
  • Committee members and Volunteers should at all times model appropriate behaviour by being courteous towards others.
  • Relevant laws must also be obeyed.
  • Meetings must be run fairly and the procedures used should improve decision making and not be used for personal or political advantage.
  • The Theatre is committed to providing a culture free of harassment or discrimination and all members and patrons are expected to contribute to this culture.

Health and safety

  • Safety is paramount and therefore all persons doing work with or for the Theatre should protect their safety and others in the Theatre environment.
  • The Theatre is responsible for providing a safe environment and for putting first the health, safety and welfare of Theatre members and patrons.

Conflicts of interest

  • The Theatre recognises that members join because of special interests and welcomes that expertise. Nevertheless, it is important that when the Committee comes to a decision members understand that a record of decision making is recorded in the minutes.
  • Disclosures of Conflict of Interest particularly pecuniary interests need to be made by Committee members when appropriate and also be recorded in the minutes.

Reporting corruption, maladministration and wastage

  • As a member you have a responsibility to report any suspected instances of corruption, maladministration or serious and substantial waste to the Committee.

Breaches of the Code

  • Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct may result in the Committee discontinuing your membership or patronage.

Z-PAC Theatre’s commitment

  • The Theatre is committed to the standards in this Code of Conduct. They reflect the high standards expected by our community and you are expected to maintain these standards and principles as a member or patron.