Member Groups

Country Rock & Blues Club

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The Z-PAC Country, Rock and Blues Club was established to provide entertainers with the opportunity to perform on stage in a well-equipped theatre in front of an appreciative audience. Musicians who have never performed away from their living rooms come along for the opportunity to get up on stage where they know their efforts will be appreciated, even if their stage craft is limited. Performers who have been entertaining audiences for many years come along for the pleasure of playing what they truly want to play for people who have come along specifically to listen. And in between lie a whole range of performers playing different genres of music with varying levels of expertise for an assembly of people who just like to support live music.

The club operates a weekly practice session on a Sunday evening, starting around 6pm and continuing through until 10pm. In addition, Concerts are held several times a year to give their members the opportunity to perform for the general public. They also have popular guest artists performing, such as Forbidden Road and the BobKatz.

Performance Karaoke

ZPAC Performance Karaoke Poster
With it’s first full year running in 2017, and under the capable management of Michael Doherty, the regular Performance Karaoke nights are a fun experience for the whole family. The unique opportunity of performing an extensive range of karaoke tracks on an actual theatre stage ensures this generally monthly event attracts all ages.

Stage Rats Theatre Restaurant

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In 2017 under the support of both organisations, Stage Rats began the process of merging with Z-PAC Theatre as their Theatre Restaurant / Traveling arm. Based in Hervey Bay and engaging the best of the Fraser Coast’s theatrical talent, this troupe of actors performs in venues throughout Southern Queensland. Each show is a carefully crafted mix of interactive theatre which generally combines a show, with a 2-3 course meal that includes full bar facilities. Scripts are either locally written or adaptations of popular well known shows, with an aim to produce between 1 and 3 shows per year.

We would like to encourage anyone who is interested in putting together a Theatre Restaurant production to submit a proposal to the theatre. As a member of the Z-PAC family, Stage Rats productions enjoy full access to the theatre facilities, including tech equipment, props, set furnishings and costumes, as well as support from our experienced volunteer team.