Music at Z-PAC

Foyer Entertainment

A night at Z-PAC Theatre – it’s more than just a play.

Doors open an hour before showtime, so come along, enjoy a glass of wine, take in the special foyer decorations created for the show, chat with our friendly staff and listen to some lovely music before the main event in the theatre!

Z-PAC Theatre is proud to be able to offer our patrons a wonderful pre-show experience involving live entertainment. We have a dedicated and talented group of people who provide the music which our show patrons enjoy so much.

Performers include:

  • The Two Robs
  • Gar
  • Frederic Harrop
  • Jon Vea Vea

Country Rock & Blues Club

CRB Poster

The Z-PAC Country, Rock and Blues club is currently not holding any rehearsals during 2019.

The Z-PAC Country, Rock and Blues Club was established to provide entertainers with the opportunity to perform on stage in a well-equipped theatre in front of an appreciative audience. Musicians who have never performed away from their living rooms come along for the opportunity to get up on stage where they know their efforts will be appreciated, even if their stage craft is limited. Performers who have been entertaining audiences for many years come along for the pleasure of playing what they truly want to play for people who have come along specifically to listen. And in between lie a whole range of performers playing different genres of music with varying levels of expertise for an assembly of people who just like to support live music.