2017 – October/November: Sex Please, We’re Sixty!


Mrs. Stancliffe’s Rose Cottage Bed & Breakfast has been successful for many years. Guests (nearly all women), return year after year. Her next-door neighbor, the silver-tongued Bud Davis believes that they return to spend time with him in romantic liaisons. The prim and proper Mrs. Stancliffe, of course, steadfastly denies this, but really doesn’t do anything to prevent it. Perhaps she reluctantly accepts the fact, that “Bud the Stud”, as he calls himself, is, in fact, good for business.
Her other neighbor, Henry Mitchell, has routinely proposed marriage to her everyday for the past twenty years. She always has the same answer: “They shouldn’t rush into this.” In order to help move their relationship along, Henry, a retired chemist, has developed a little blue pill patented under the name “Venusia” after Venus, the goddess of love, to increase the libido in menopausal women. Always the perfect gentleman, he refuses to try it on Mrs. Stancliffe, but instead has invited a friend to Rose Cottage to test it out. Add to the guest list two other menopausal women who are checking into Rose Cottage today. Victoria Ambrose, a romance novelist, whose personal life seems to be totally lacking in romance, and Charmaine Beauregard, a quintessential southern belle, who has a rendezvous with Bud, and whose libido certainly does not need to be increased. Finally we meet Hillary Hudson, Henry’s friend, who will test the Venusia.
Bud, inadvertently gets his hands on some of the “Venusia” pills and the fun begins. Bud attempts to entertain all three women but even “Bud the Stud”, cannot maintain the frenetic pace of three women, in three rooms, at the same time. Not surprisingly, they quickly discover his three-timing scheme.
HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A WOMAN SCORNED… (Can you imagine three?) after Hillary tells the others about the Venusia.
The swap is made. “Bud the Stud” indeed becomes “Bud the Dud”. Unfortunately, Henry also inadvertently takes some of the Venusia. We now discover that the Venusia has a strange effect on men. It gives them all the symptoms of a menopausal woman, complete with hot flashes, mood swings, weeping and irritability.




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A small sample of the show reviews:

  • Absolutely brilliant show! Had tears in my eyes from laughing. Fraser Coast‐Hervey Bay Combined Probus – Noeleen Waldron
  • Liane just had to share again how much we enjoyed the show yesterday!! Everyone was so entertaining; well, so many wonderful & hilarious moments right throughout the show!! You all deserve full credit for the acting!!! The laughter from the audience was just wonderful!!!!! Hilarious/great directing/great performing/lovely set!!!!!!! Chrissy Hirst
  • The last show was brilliant and everyone enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks for having such a fabulous theatre in our town, it is much valued. Cheers Gail Kelly
  • 10/10 Great Cast, Stagecraft, props and Performance Elliot Kidd, Brisbane
  • Absolutely Fabulous Graham and Ann Wright
  • A raunchy Fun play – laughed all the time. Benjamin
  • Oh My, what an awesome show – loved it! Kahi Dawkings
  • So much Fun, thank you. Bev Graham
  • Great show – it was my first time at Z‐PAC and I’ll be back. Michelle Manderson
  • What a wonderful evening tonight, I attended the Theatre for the first time. “Sex Please We’re Sixty”. It had an awesome set and the play was hilarious. Such a lot of hard work went into the table decorations and the set was fantastic. Free nibbles were a lovely touch and the whole experience has left me wanting more. Congratulations on a brilliant opening night. Kim Long
  • It has the same great vibe as the BAT only BETTER! Nibblies and live, pre‐show entertainment, complimentary. You don’t get that in the city!! The show tonight was fabulously funny. ZPAC, you’re a real treasure. Thank you. Roz Robertson
  • What a fantastic play by all on last Friday’s performance of “Sex Please, We’re 60”. I think this has to be the very best play that I have attended and I have been coming to every performance for a number of years now. I listened and watched for my group’s reactions and everyone was just laughing so hard. What a high to go home on. Would you please convey to all the actors/actresses what a great job each and everyone of you did. Also for those back stage – the stage setting was exactly right as was the lighting and of course Joanne and her people always do a wonderful job. The calibre of all this year’s performances have been excellent, and this last one fantastic in every way. Well done all of you. Sue Heggie
  • Very funny Donna Godwin, Adelaide SA

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