2017 – December: Cinderella (a Pantomime)

Cinderella Poster

This panto follows the traditional story, which sees Cinderella cruelly treated by her stepmother Grimelda and her two ugly daughters Bella and Donna. Grimelda is after the deeds to Castle Liberty and feeds old Baron Hardup her ‘special herbal tea’ in order to achieve this. When this fails to work, she hires two handymen Dim and Wit who unwittingly help her to try and find them. Cinders only friend is Buttons, who harbours dreams of becoming a great inventor and invents a beauty-measuring machine. This is tried out by Bella and Donna with hilarious slapstick results. There is also a funny scene involving the ugly sisters, Buttons and a TV. When news is received that the Palace are holding a royal ball, Cinderella’s stepmother forbids her to go and she is left at home alone. But Cinderella’s life changes for the better when her Fairy Godmother appears. Events then follow the traditional line and end with Cinders marrying her Prince and living happily ever after.

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