2018 – May: Driving Miss Daisy

2018 Driving Miss Daisy Poster

Daisy is an elderly lady who finds she cannot drive herself anymore. Much to her disgust and stubbornness she does not want a chauffeur.
Boolie, her son, in this case does know best and hires Hoke Coleburn. Hoke is an experienced, African-American driver with a very patient and understanding personality. After a scratchy start, Daisy and Hoke develop a truce and start to work together.
With activities done together as well as time spent driving, Daisy softens towards Hoke and the truce develops to peaceful coexistence. We see them both uniting in their attitude to Florine, the daughter-in-law who has a totally different outlook to Daisy. Boolie progresses in business and talks about the effect of prejudice on that business.
Trips out of the state result in Daisy learning that Hoke is an individual with dignity. Then with the advent of a major tragedy Daisy sees the real meaning of prejudice and she and Hoke see peace becoming friendship and understanding.
The story moves on to Daisy’s old age and the onset of the inevitable. Hoke is there with her. At the conclusion we see the depth of the friendship and, dare we say it, love?
This is a beautiful story of the development of a relationship in spite of prejudice, misunderstandings and different personalities. A triumph of humanity over adverse circumstance.

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