2019 – May: Bombshells


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Joanna Murray-Smith’s Bombshells is part social commentary, part comedy; it is a witty, critically-acclaimed, contemporary Australian play. It is also quirky in that it does not resemble ensemble performances Z-PAC actors nor audiences are used to seeing or acting within. Instead, this play consists of 6 monologues told independently and bravely by 6 different women. Audiences should note that there is some coarse language and some sexual references.

Although originally written by Murray-Smith for just one actor, Z-PAC Director Theresa Saunders decided to share the love/trauma/fear/craziness with 6 of our fabulous local amateur actors.

It is an examination of six women at critical junctions in their lives who are either on the brink of a breakdown or break through. It is about external calm and internal chaos, about the tricky landscape of modern womanhood, although, every person (man or woman) will recognize someone within these 6 characters – both bits of themselves and people they know.

With singing, dancing, comedy and the hilarity of honesty, the play exposes what some women would just love to say out loud.

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Joanna Murray-Smith has said of the play: “Many of us are trying to lead multiple lives: child, mother, wife, lover, star, giving small doses of oxygen to each and imploding under the weight of so many competing roles. The women I have written in Bombshells struggle – sometimes hilariously, sometimes tragically – to bridge the chasm between the wilderness of their inner worlds and the demands of their outer worlds.”

Each tale is a “tiny crystal ball” exquisitely crafted with carefully measured amounts of humour and pathos.

The Sydney Morning Herald

… the script succeeds on every level. It is insightful, it is well structured, it is written with clarity, grace and an elegant sense of wit.

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The characters – aged 18 – 68:

  • Meryl Louise Davenport (Katie O’Neill)
    • A woman with too many babies and not enough time for dreaming.
  • Tiggy Entwhistle (Annabel Stewart)
    • A woman talking simultaneously about cacti and her ex-husband.
  • Mary O’Donnell (Sarah Callander)
    • A schoolgirl who wants to outshine her friends at the talent show.
  • Theresa McTerry (Bec Lowe)
    • A bride-to-be, more in love with being a bride than with the reality of marriage.
  • Winsome Webster (Louise Fantinel)
    • A widow who reads for the blind and unexpectedly finds an encounter.
  • Zoe Struthers (Katanee Draheim)
    • An aging cabaret-type star attempting a comeback.
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Amazing! Thank you.

Brilliant show – thanks for a great night out.

Awesome show ladies! Congrats.

An enjoyable show ladies.

Absolutely fabulous!!!!


Absolutely great!! Will be back.

What a great performance. Absolutely convincing and resonates with a range of familiar experiences. Sets and effects were reminiscent of mise en scène found in film. Well done cast, supporting cast and Theresa Saunders!

Another fantastic Z-PAC triumph from Katie’s incredible opener right through to the finale. Absolutely super! – The Maryborough Bowdens


Amazing. Just amazing ladies. – Ash & Sally Sweeney

Absolutely wonderful. – Cate


What a fantastic afternoon of entertainment. Great job ladies, thoroughly enjoyed your work.

How absolutely beautiful was that!!!
Great entertainment and the very best performances.
Well worth the drive from Ipswich!


Rebecca Lowe was fantastic!

Great Show!

Great show thoroughly enjoyed it.

Absolutely fantastic. Well done girls xxx

Fantastic show! Highly entertaining. 10/10

Absolutely incredible! I laughed til I cried. – Renee

Very original and entertaining, also thought-provoking.

Love love loved it.

Thank you for a wonderful show. Wonderful women. We loved it!!

Wonderful. Thank you. – Debbie Oakes


Louise you were stunning! Love Sally xx


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