Miss Bilby and the Moss-Covered Cleric (2019)

COVID-19 Update (22/03/20)

It is with great sadness that my first major announcement as president is that our 2020 season is now “coming soon” rather than entertaining you as expected.

These are challenging times for all of us, both personally & professionally, but you can be assured that we will be back just as soon as it’s safe & practical to do so – and we’ll kick off with the hilarious “Inspector Drake & the Black Widow” as our first show. read more

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Session Times

Click on the date to place a booking for this performance.
Click on the date to place a booking for this performance.

When Clementine Bilby, an Australian opera singer and Miss Marple clone stumbles across the corpse of the vicar, she’s amazed to discover only moments later that the vicar himself is alive and well. Who is the murderer? The bounder Harold Bagshot? Stubbs the mysterious undergardener? The lovely Miss Ivy Hoskins?

‘Miss Bilby and the Moss-Covered Cleric’ is a light-hearted spoof both of an Agatha Christie whodunit and of bad radio drama, with every cliche of plot and sound effect. Hilariously, all sound effects are produced on stage in the most ingenious and funny ways, with sound effects being the star of the show. Written to be read aloud from scripts (so there are no lines to be learnt, no costumes and no set) this play was created as a large-cast celebrity fund raiser.

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