Flummoxed (2020)

Auditions: TBA

Passion! Intrigue! Murder… and great period frocks! Sisters Lucille and Annette hilariously stumble their way through a bizarre odyssey of laugh inducing events with Italian proportions. Will they triumph or be flummoxed by fate?

COVID-19 Update (22/03/20)

It is with great sadness that my first major announcement as president is that our 2020 season is now “coming soon” rather than entertaining you as expected.

These are challenging times for all of us, both personally & professionally, but you can be assured that we will be back just as soon as it’s safe & practical to do so – and we’ll kick off with the hilarious “Inspector Drake & the Black Widow” as our first show. read more

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Session Times Available Soon


Lucille ShiftleyA middle-aged Georgian “woman-of-means” in a big Georgian period frock with a fiery temper.
Aubrey Dunkley[of Fop-Ton Lodge] A Georgian fop of indeterminate age. A man of wealth. A man of many vices.
Annette ShiftleySister to Lucille. Similar age. Similar temperament. Loves to drink. Also sporting a terrific Georgian frock.
Millie TuftonLevel-headed and fiesty servant-boss to the two Georgian women. Frock – not so great!
Robert SlytonDunkleys ruthless “fixer” manservant and occasional bed buddy. Horribly, manipulatively, monstrously in secret love with Lucille.