Archiving Information Missing or Incomplete

We would appreciate your assistance. If you have any programs, posters or other material for these production, please let us know. We can make a copy and return them to you.

1964One Act Plays - The Proposal; The Lovely Miracle; A Room in the Tower
1964Candied Peel
1965The Still Alarm
1968Woman in a Dressing Gown
1976Slaughter on St Therese's Day
1977The Flipside
1977Snow White and the Dreaded Dwarves
1977One Day of the Year
1978Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted
1979The Harem
1979The Bear
1979My Foot
1979Bird Bath
1980Murder Story
1980Mixed Doubles
1980Billy Liar
1981The Killing of Sister George
1981The Club
1981Summer of the 17th Doll
1981Lovers and Other Strangers - A Night Out
1981George Meets Her End
1981A Night Out
1982The Lion in Winter
1982Sing a Song of Sixpence
1982My Fat Friend
1983Key To Murder
1984Children Children
1985The Dear Departed
1985Green for Danger
1987Night Must Fall
1987Happily Ever Once Upon
1988Oh What A Beauty
1988Egad, the Woman in White
1989Theatre Soiree
1989Murder Mystery
1989The Birthday Party
1990Charlie's Aunt
1991Pirates of Penzance
1991All of My Sons
1993A Mock Trial
1993Jest at the West
1993A Stretch of the Imagination
1995Two Comedies and a Funeral
1996Veronica's Room
1996Wanted One Body
1997Cinderella Panto
1998Love Letters
1999The Haunted Nook at Farndale Castle
2001The Importance of Being Earnest
2002Jelly Beans
2006The Cemetary Club
2012Dinkum Assorted
2001/2002Shirley Valentine
2006/2007Allo Allo