2018 AGM Minutes

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Z-PAC AGM 2018

Minutes of Meeting held at Z-PAC Theatre On Wednesday 7th March 2018 at 7.00pm

  1. President’s opened the meeting at 7.25 pm and welcomed all members attending.
    • Apologies noted as per the attendance book.
    • Attendees noted as per the attendance book.
  2. Presentation of annual reports as per the PowerPoint displayed during the meeting and subsequently posted on the ZPAC website (which are noted as an attachment to these minutes). The power point was referred to in the following reports: –
    1. President’s report as per the PowerPoint
    2. Secretary’s report as per the PowerPoint Secretary advised that notwithstanding some of the management committee positions were opposed the committee desired an additional director appointed who would have his vote count by agreement of the committee. The Secretary moved and the President seconded that Graeme Roberts be appointed as voting directors of the Z-Pac Management committee in 2017-18.
      1. Motion was passed unanimously by all members at the AGM including the elected directors on the Management Committee.
      Treasure’s report including receiving of Auditors Report which it was noted was unqualified as per the PowerPoint. Promotion Coordinator’s report as per the PowerPoint Artistic Director’s report as per the PowerPoint Technical Director’s report as per the PowerPoint Support coordinators reports
      1. Front of house Coordinator’s report as per the PowerPoint
      2. Facilities Coordinator’s Report as per the PowerPoint
      3. Costume Coordinator’s Report as per the PowerPoint

      Life Membership

      Liane Mills and Steve Dixon moved that Robert Garland be nominated as a Life Members of ZPAC. Seconded unanimously by acclaim by the members attending at the AGM and carried unanimously. Robert presented an impromptu acceptance speech.

      Election of 2018–19 Management Committee

      Mayor George Seymour was the Returning officer for the election and advised the election was held pursuant to the Constitution and confirmed the 2018 Management committee was elected as follows: –
      • President – Liane Mills
      • Vice President – Derek Barrington
      • Secretary – Steve Dixon
      • Treasurer – Deborah Hunter
      • Promotions Co-Ordinator – Joanne Spencer
      • Artistic Director – Louise Fantinel
      • Technical Director – Jeff Sweeney
      As per the Secretaries report Graeme Roberts was appointed to the management committee as a voting member.

      Appointment of Auditor

      Treasurer Deborah Hunter nominated Drew Stephenson, accountants as Auditors noting they had done a great job in 2016/17. Seconded by Liane Mills. Carried unanimously.

      New President’s address

      Liane Mills provided a short summary of the activities planned for 2018-19 which were also detailed in the PowerPoint presentation to members.

      Life Membership

      Meeting closed at 9.23 pm with drinks and fellowship following.

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Notice of Candidates

Pursuant to the Z-PAC Constitution,
Rule 11 c. (iii) ‘A list of the candidates’ names in alphabetical order, with the proposers’ and seconders’ names shall be posted in a conspicuous place in the office or usual place of meeting of the Theatre for at least seven days immediately preceding the Annual General Meeting:
The following nominations have been received before the 21st February 2018 :-
Derek BarringtonGraeme RobertsDeborah HunterVice President
Steve DixonLiane MillsGraeme RobertsSecretary
Michael Leslie DohertyJeff SweeneyKatanee DraheimArtistic Director
Katanee DraheimCherie TreloarLynda EggerlingSecretary
Louise FantinelDeborah HunterJoanne SpencerArtistic Director
Deborah HunterLiane MillsSteve DixonTreasurer
Shane KingFiona Hunt-ArmstrongDerek BarringtonPresident
Liane MillsGraeme RobertsJoanne SpencerPresident
Joanne SpencerLiana MillsSteve DixonPromotions
Jeff SweeneyMichael DohertyLiane MillsTechnical Director
Cherie TreloarKatanee DraheimLynda EggerlingArtistic Director

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Notice of Z-PAC 2018 Annual General Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting will be held at Z-PAC theatre at 7 pm on Wednesday 7th March, 2018. Please join us to receive reports on our 2017 activities and to discuss the year ahead. All members are invited to join the newly elected committee for drinks afterwards in the theatre foyer. Please find attached, pursuant to the Z-PAC constitution, the following: –
  1. Notice of AGM including the agenda and Nomination for Executive 2018
  2. 2018 Membership form Kindly note only financial members are entitled to vote at the AGM. Membership can be also be completed online.
  3. Proxy Vote Form 2018 for use should elections be contested and you are not able to attend in person.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to advise.

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