Upcoming Productions

Owing to COVID, only “STiFF” has confirmed dates – watch this space for more information


Angel and her girls put the FUN in FUNERAL in this laugh out loud antidote to COVID

Death in a Minute

Z-PAC’s Death in a Minute where teams of actors have to improvise their way through seemingly impossible challenges like staging a murder in a minute

Almost, Maine

Welcome to Almost, Maine. Experience love, lust, loss, overwhelming joy and understated humor in this absurdist romantic comedy, which explores that most familiar concept - one we've all felt at some time in our lives - of feeling 'Almost'.

Inspector Drake and the Black Widow

A comedy whodunit like you’ve never seen before as the world’s greatest detective investigates a straightforward case of dying illegally. But why was the victim badly disguised as his own wife?

Two Weeks with the Queen

Colin has a mission. He wants to speak to the Queen about his brother Luke who has cancer. Cousin Alistair would like to help but stress brings on his dandruff. Colin takes the lock off the back door and heads out alone. Adapted from the best-selling novel by Morris Gleitzman.


Passion! Intrigue! Murder… and great period frocks! Sisters Lucille and Annette hilariously stumble their way through a bizarre odyssey of laugh inducing events with Italian proportions. Will they triumph or be flummoxed by fate?

Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time, the original Red Riding Hood was rescued and the Wolf defeated. Many years later, her granddaughter is now a new Red Riding Hood – and the Wolf has returned looking for revenge. With both a greedy Squire and a new woodcutter seeking her hand in marriage, it’s going to be an interesting time for the new Red Riding Hood.