Flummoxed (2021)

Auditions: TBA

Passion! Intrigue! Murder… and great period frocks! Sisters Lucille and Annette hilariously stumble their way through a bizarre odyssey of laugh inducing events with Italian proportions. Will they triumph or be flummoxed by fate?


Lucille ShiftleyA middle-aged Georgian “woman-of-means” in a big Georgian period frock with a fiery temper.
Aubrey Dunkley[of Fop-Ton Lodge] A Georgian fop of indeterminate age. A man of wealth. A man of many vices.
Annette ShiftleySister to Lucille. Similar age. Similar temperament. Loves to drink. Also sporting a terrific Georgian frock.
Millie TuftonLevel-headed and fiesty servant-boss to the two Georgian women. Frock – not so great!
Robert SlytonDunkleys ruthless “fixer” manservant and occasional bed buddy. Horribly, manipulatively, monstrously in secret love with Lucille.

Dates, location and booking details TBC