2019 Management Committee

PositionNameContact NumberE-Mail Address
PresidentLiane Mills0418 712 636president@zpactheatre.com
Vice-PresidentJulie Pearcevice-president@zpactheatre.com
SecretaryKatanee Draheim
TreasurerSteve Dixon 0407 589 461 treasurer@zpactheatre.com
Artistic DirectorTheresa Saundersartistic-director@zpactheatre.com
Promotions Co-ordinatorpromotions@zpactheatre.com
Technical DirectorJeff Sweeney0439 604 897 [SMS only]technical-director@zpactheatre.com

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Newsletter – Issue 2 2019

A few words from the President:

Thank you to everyone for your positive feedback regarding our new Theatre’s Façade – it’s looking great isn’t it! When you come in next, you will see there are lots of new things inside too! Including: The bio box has been completely stripped and renovated (thank you Jeff Sweeney and Michael Doherty), foyer and laundry revamped and repainted (thank you Katrin Chrysaphis for doing all the painting), the set for The Games Afoot is almost finished (thank you Roger Jennings and his team) and the cast and crew of the show have been rehearsing madly so they can bring you a brilliantly funny productions opening March 15th. read more

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