Statement from President Nominee: Louise Fantinel (2020)

Dear Z-PAC Theatre members I am standing for President at the AGM, next week on Wednesday 4th March, and I am hoping for your support to continue the great work that Liane and the team have done over the past years.

When I came to Hervey Bay in 1996 and discovered the lovely theatre, I took on the role of Teen Theatre Director, which I continued with for over 2 years and immediately auditioned for a show, working with fellow actor Ken Lee (when we were young Ken!). As many of you know I have acted, directed and provided front of house support for Z-PAC productions. I have also held Management Committee positions of Artistic Director and Secretary. My most recent work was acting in Bombshells last year. read more

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Statement from President Nominee: David Coleman (2020)

Liane & Steve originally asked me to nominate for secretary but as I listened to more people and reflected on my time with Z-PAC I felt I wanted to give you the chance to actively choose a president. Whilst I have some ideas about what our future could hold my key message is that this is a community theatre where everyone should enjoy what they do, be treated equally and always be respected & supported in everything they do.

I sincerely love the way that Z-PAC embraces the community it’s part of; I’m lucky to have joined at such a great time and am keen to continue the outstanding work done to date. read more

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2019 Z-PAC Director’s Night

The 2019 Z-PAC Director’s Night was well attended, with a large number of submissions for potential productions for the 2020 Z-PAC Season being proposed. Organised under the direction of the Artistic Director, Theresa Saunders, the productions below were put forward for consideration. Theresa will now consider the submissions and, with the assistance of the management committee, provide a decision on the calendar for the upcoming year.

Production Submissions

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