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Last of the Summer Wine (2019) Auditions

August 3 @ 2:00 pm 4:00 pm


Clegg 60+ Quiet and reserved, but with a sly sense of humour
Foggy 60+ Upright, tall, ex-military; Fancies himself as a ladies’ man
Compo 60+ Small, scruffy, full of energy, wicked sense of humour
Gifford Bewmont Late 50’s – Early 60’s; Can be over 60 Upright, pompous git
Flasher 30’s – 40’s Artful dodger, fast-talking type; always on the make; full of energy
Nora Batty 50’s Cynical widow; knows all about the failings of men
Constance 40’s – 50’s Naïve type; quiet, mousey; been engaged to Gifford Bewmont for 15 years, which about says it all

Audition pieces:

Clegg, Foggy and Compo Pages 9 to 11
Clegg, Foggy, Compo and Gifford Bewmont Pages 15 to 17
Nora and Constance Bottom page 18 to page 20
Flasher Pages 23 to 25

Please drop in to the theatre if you would like to view a script for the production.

Venue: Z-PAC Theatre

15 Zephyr St
Scarness, QLD 4655 Australia
0418 712 636

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