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Z-PAC X-Mas Party

There is no charge for current financial members of Z-PAC, but we would like to ask members to also book if they are planning to attend to help us determine numbers for catering purposes.

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Nominations please...


Please note, these categories are for you to interpret.  Many can be applied to any aspect of volunteering for the theatre and I encourage nominations for all volunteers, not just the actors.

When you nominate someone, can you please write a few lines explaining the context or situation behind the nomination. I will read this out at the party for the enjoyment (and understanding) of all present. Where multiple people have been nominated for the same award, a fair process will be determined for selection of the recipient.

  1. Awards: best onstage romance / bromance / fomance.
  2. Best / worst onstage laugh.
  3. Best death
  4. The ‘Full Monty’ award for getting your gear off
  5. The ninja award for the quietest backstage/crew/tech/FoH person
  6. The ‘always there when you need them’ award
  7. Loudest actor/actress
  8. The most unexpected applause/laugh award
  9. The funniest person to work with award
  10. The backstage/tech/crew/FoH house person who doesn’t go on stage but probably should
  11. The best meltdown moment on or off stage
  12. The “has anyone seen my…..” award
  13. The Zen award – for the person who is the most consistently calm under pressure
  14. The hero award for the person who saved the day
  15. The ‘Thank God You’re Here’ award
  16. The best action star
  17. The ‘Bob The Builder’ award for an exceptional set builder/designer
  18. The person most likely to do anything award
  19. Best backstage/dressing room buddy award
  20. The most ‘out of your comfort zone’ award

Nominations to be forwarded to Katie by Friday 29th November via messenger, text, phone - 0402 117 479 or email to kbail9773@hotmail.com

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