Katanee Draheim

Katanee Draheim
Katanee has been involved in theatre since 2014, where she got involved with Witches Abroad with makeup through Maryborough Players.
Since then, she has had a passion for it, and made every effort to be involved in whatever she could get her hands on.
In 2017 she was involved in ‘Its all in Your Head’ directing a vignette, and Cinderella (and so far in 2018, Godspell and Driving Miss Daisy , doing tech, backstage/makeup and dressing, and is Stage Managing for Games Afoot.
She has a love for the theatre, a love for the Z-pac, and is enjoying her steps in the world of Directing, and is loving seeing other people become involved in theatre as well, and developing the same love for it that she has.
The relationship she has with her actors is built on respect, care, and making sure that its enjoyable and memorable for all involved.
Her mantra is “Directing, and theatre itself, isn’t a solo gig, its a collaboration of all involved, and what is created together can be beautiful. I love working with my team, and seeing what we can come up with together. It gives a sense of ownership, something that everyone can be proud of.”

YearProductionRoleExternal Group
2019BombshellsZoe Struthers
2019Z-PAC Management CommitteeSecretary
2019The Game's Afoot (or Holmes for the Holidays)Stage Manager
2018The Magic Banyan TreeCast
2018Happily Ever AfterMakeup
2018DuetsDirector: Secretarial Skills
Director: The Bride to Be
2018Driving Miss DaisyBackstage Crew / Dresser
2018GodspellMakeup, Hair
2017Cinderella (a Pantomime)Makeup
2017It's All in Your HeadDirector
Tech Crew
2014Witches AbroadMakeupMaryborough Players