Robert Garland

Robert has done many shows over the last 20 years, performing with a number of the regions’ Theatre Groups, in particular Stage Rats and Z-PAC. He has enjoyed playing a variety of roles such as a Roman General, English Lord, U-Boat Captain, Undertaker, Cruise Director just to name a few. However, one of his favorites, was doing Rome Sweet Rome, with his wife Lynda.

2018 Life Member

To be eligible to be nominated as a Life Member, the person so elected shall be one who has rendered conspicuous service to the Theatre in an active or administrative capacity during a minimum of 10 years. President Liane Mills Nominated Robert Garland and said: “Robert has certainly full-filled that Criterion, having performed in numerous show at Z-PAC since 1994. As a past member of the Fraser Coast Regional Councilor, and with the arts portfolio, Robert always promoted and supported the theatre. In 2017, he assisted in obtaining the grant of $5,500 from the council to help pay for the backstage air-conditioning. When not acting, Robert volunteers regularly for Front of House and can often been seen cheerily chatting with patrons from behind the Bar.” Steve Dixon seconded the nomination of Robert Garland for life membership and had the following to say: “Robert has been a long-term advocate for the theatre. I remember as far back as 1996, when we were both paddling together in the Fraser Coast Outrigging Canoe Club, he was often promoting shows and speaking up the theatre. I have witnessed first hand Roberts contribution to Front of House over the past years and am aware of his positive promotion of the theatre while in council and other roles. I think Robert would be a worthy recipient of Life Membership and that this recognition would be well received both amongst our members and the broader Hervey Bay community.” The nomination was unanimously approved by the Members.
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