Tim Holstein

Tim Holstein from “Safety Circus”

Tim is a fully qualified performing artist with a specialization in Direction, Musical theatre and ‘Applied theatre’. Outside of professional performance he is heavily involved in community projects and all aspects of technical design. He has also been involved with numerous vocal groups in the past.

He is constantly engaged in applied theatre projects such as ‘CHOICES’ and ‘Safety Circus’. These projects aim to teach particular age groups about keeping safe and being responsible, and they do so in a fun theatrical format that makes it easier to engage with the concerned age groups.

Tim is looking forward to working with his Z-PAC Theatre students, assist them to explore their creativity and building interpersonal skills through classroom activities and theater productions.

2020Almost, MaineDirector
2019DraculaFight Scene Choreography
2019Miss Bilby and the Moss-Covered ClericSergeant Franklin
2019Drama Classes (2019)Instructor
2018GodspellDirector; Jesus
2017I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now ChangeAssistant Director