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Z-PAC AGM 2018

Minutes of Meeting held at Z-PAC Theatre
On Wednesday 7th March 2018 at 7.00pm

  1. President’s opened the meeting at 7.25 pm and welcomed all members attending.
    • Apologies noted as per the attendance book.
    • Attendees noted as per the attendance book.
  2. Presentation of annual reports as per the PowerPoint displayed during the meeting and subsequently posted on the ZPAC website (which are noted as an attachment to these minutes). The power point was referred to in the following reports: –
    1. President’s report as per the PowerPoint
    2. Secretary’s report as per the PowerPoint
      Secretary advised that notwithstanding some of the management committee positions were opposed the committee desired an additional director appointed who would have his vote count by agreement of the committee. The Secretary moved and the President seconded that Graeme Roberts be appointed as voting directors of the Z-Pac Management committee in 2017-18.

      1. Motion was passed unanimously by all members at the AGM including the elected directors on the Management Committee.

      Treasure’s report including receiving of Auditors Report which it was noted was unqualified as per the PowerPoint.
      Promotion Coordinator’s report as per the PowerPoint
      Artistic Director’s report as per the PowerPoint
      Technical Director’s report as per the PowerPoint
      Support coordinators reports

      1. Front of house Coordinator’s report as per the PowerPoint
      2. Facilities Coordinator’s Report as per the PowerPoint
      3. Costume Coordinator’s Report as per the PowerPoint

      Life Membership

      Liane Mills and Steve Dixon moved that Robert Garland be nominated as a Life Members of ZPAC. Seconded unanimously by acclaim by the members attending at the AGM and carried unanimously. Robert presented an impromptu acceptance speech.

      Election of 2018–19 Management Committee

      Mayor George Seymour was the Returning officer for the election and advised the election was held pursuant to the Constitution and confirmed the 2018 Management committee was elected as follows: –

      • President – Liane Mills
      • Vice President – Derek Barrington
      • Secretary – Steve Dixon
      • Treasurer – Deborah Hunter
      • Promotions Co-Ordinator – Joanne Spencer
      • Artistic Director – Louise Fantinel
      • Technical Director – Jeff Sweeney

      As per the Secretaries report Graeme Roberts was appointed to the management committee as a voting member.

      Appointment of Auditor

      Treasurer Deborah Hunter nominated Drew Stephenson, accountants as Auditors noting they had done a great job in 2016/17.
      Seconded by Liane Mills. Carried unanimously.

      New President’s address

      Liane Mills provided a short summary of the activities planned for 2018-19 which were also detailed in the PowerPoint presentation to members.

      Life Membership

      Meeting closed at 9.23 pm with drinks and fellowship following.

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Newsletter – Issue 5 2018

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A Few Words from the President, Liane Mills

New Life Member – Robert Garland

Robert GarlandTo be eligible to be nominated as a Life Member, the person so elected shall be one who has rendered conspicuous service to the Theatre in an active or administrative capacity during a minimum of 10 years.
Robert has certainly full-filled that Criterion, having performed in numerous show at Z-PAC since 1994. As a past member of the Fraser Coast Regional Councilor, and with the arts portfolio, Robert always promoted and supported the theatre. In 2017, he assisted in obtaining the grant of $5,500 from the council to help pay for the backstage air-conditioning. When not acting, Robert volunteers regularly for Front of House and can often been seen cheerily chatting with patrons from behind the Bar.

A big Thank You to Mayor George Seymour who officiated at the AGM. We thank him for his time and positive feedback on the Theatre.

Z-PAC New Committee 2018

Congratulations to our Z-PAC Committee who were all re-elected at our AGM with overwhelming support. Thank you to all those who attended – we had over 70 at the AGM which in itself is a wonderful indication of the support of our members.

  • President – Liane Mills
  • Vice President – Derek Barrington
  • Secretary – Steve Dixon
  • Treasurer – Deb Hunter
  • Artistic Director – Louise Fantinel (assisted by Mark Thomson)
  • Technical Director – Jeff Sweeney
  • Promotions Co-Ordinator – Joanne Spencer
  • Committee Member – Graeme Roberts

THE AGM was a Celebration of the wonderful success story that is your Z-PAC Theatre.
Some of the points raised at the AGM included:

  • Attendance and Engagement Numbers More Than Doubled in Last 3 Years

    • Attendance numbers rising from avg 43 persons per show in 2014 to 109 in 2017. (our theatre holds 128)
    • Two shows in 2017 sold out completely, with one show, Sex Please We’re Sixty that I directed, having a record breaking 1,440 people attending.
    • Total attendance rose from 1,799 in 2014 to 4,929 in 2017.
    • Financial Membership rose from 9 in 2013 to to 227 in 2017.
    • Supporters on our mailing list rose from 45 in 2013 to 862 in 2017.

    Over the last 3 years, received over $35,000 in Grants including ones providing additional support for those with disabilities

    • 2016 Indy Foundation $5,500 to fund advertising in the newspapers for two years.
      Money raised with a raffle at the Indy Masquerade ball. Thank you to Liane Mills, Steve Dixon and Robert Garland and all those who made generous donations to this raffle.
    • 2016 Gambling Community Benefit Fund $18,000 Hearing Loop System in the main theatre + Hearing packs.
    • 2016 RADF regional arts development fund $750 for Acting Workshop with Jonathan Dunn
    • 2017 Fraser coast regional council $3,000 For the Disability ramp for theatre access
    • 2017 FCRC & Councillor David Lewis $5,500 Air conditioning back stage (special thanks to Robert Garland for his assistance with this application)
    • 2018 RADF $3,000 Acting Workshop Fingers Crossed – in Application. (Thank you to Robyn Edwards for assistance with this.)

    Lifted Z-PAC’s Profile in the Business Community

    Our Z-PAC President is actively engaged in the Business Community, attending Chamber of Commerce Meetings, as well as weekly and fortnightly Breakfast meetings (currently with Business Connections Hervey Bay) on behalf of Z-PAC Theatre. This has led to an increased awareness and support of the theatre from the business sector, and sponsorship and support from local businesses.

    Lifted Z-PAC’s Profile in the Community

    • Our Z-PAC President is actively engaged with Senior Community Groups, giving talks at monthly meetings of groups including:
      • Probus (both Fraser Coast Combined and Hervey bay City). We have helped them with skits and have such a good relationship I am invited to their Christmas Parties as a special guest.
      • National Seniors
      • Rotary (two Hervey Bay Rotary Groups)
      • NSW Retired Police Group
      • Fraser Coast View Club

      As a result, these groups and others often come as a group booking to most shows.

      One new innovation was offering groups over 10 supper/afternoon tea at no extra charge, this has helped increase group bookings.

      Country Rock Blues Club

      Developed, with Ken Sutton, the Country Rock Blues Club which has brought a whole new group people to the theatre and who provide the pre-show music our Patrons enjoy so much. They hold weekly Sunday Night sessions as well as several concerts every year.

      Z-PAC Reaching out to the Community

      • Z-PAC Performanace at Torbay, Urangan Community Centre and involvement in the Hervey Bay Community Centre.
      • I’ve welcomed the Home Schooling students to the Theatre for a day of fun with a tour of the theatre and theatre games.
      • We have opened the theatre to Dance Schools, Singing Schools, and other community groups including last year a wonderful Jon Vea Vea Concert.

      Season Passes

      • For $140 (concession) or $175 (adult) patrons receive that value in tickets, along with one free drink per show, free program and Annual Membership
      • These provide our patrons with a great way of saving money on tickets, while Z-PAC receives an annual commitment from patrons.

      Volunteer Show Nights

      Volunteers are invited to a special show preview night and are given food and drinks and a special pre-show screening of each show. It’s the theatre’s way of saying thanks.

      Financial Security

      Our Treasurer reported that we generated over $125,000 last year, with surplus of $40,000 and our budgeted income for 2018 is $180,000. This financial security means we are able to keep our equipment and theatre in excellent repair.

      Front of House Innovations

      When patrons walk into the theatre now, they are greeted by smiling faces in uniforms, great drinks at the bar, live music, decorated tables, walls and ceilings and a general atmosphere of warm and community. We receive so many comments from many long-term theatre goers, on how much they enjoy these improvements.


      Before the Current Committee, there was no money in the bank, member numbers were extremely low, show numbers low, it was difficult to get Directors, actors, and general volunteers. We didn’t even have such simple things as online booking, a working photocopier, or even Internet. Today we have a vibrant active theatre with a wonderful community of volunteers, and our reputation for quality theatre is secure. Congratulations to your wonderful committee and all the many many volunteers who have worked so hard together to make this happen.

      Liane Mills President

      Godspell The Musical – March 16 – 25

      Godspell PosterDirected by Cherie Treloar and Tim Holstein

      7 shows only. Don’t miss out. Two of the performances are almost sold out so Book today.

      A well-loved musical based on the Gospel according to Matthew, Godspell, features a comedic troupe of eccentric players who team up with Jesus to teach his lessons in a new age through parables,
      games, and tomfoolery.
      Online Book: https://www.trybooking.com/TJIS or at the Box Office at the theatre Fridays 9-12

      Country Rock Blues Club

      CRB PosterClub Nights Every Sunday from 6pm
      Come along on a Sunday from 6pm. Everyone welcome to attend. Weekly Club nights are FREE for Z-PAC members; $5 for Visitors.
      CONCERT First concert April 15
      Concerts run Sundays 1pm-6pm and feature guest artists along with our local club members.

      Auditions Coming Up……

      Auditions LogoMarch 17 9-12 for The Games Afoot by Ken Ludwig,
      Directed by Liane Mills
      Cast required 3 Males, 5 Females Ages 20-50 (1 F 70)
      Show running September 7-22.

      April 14 10-12 for It’s Only a Play by Terrence
      McNally, Directed by Mark Thomson and Theresa Saunders. Cast required 5 Male, 2 Females
      Show Running July 27-August 11.
      For More information, visit our website www.zpactheatre.com and click on Membership and Auditions.

      Bookings are now open for:

      • New Memberships & Renewals
      • Season Passes ALL Shows for 2018

      Go to our redesigned website at www.zpactheatre.com for more information.


      Newsletter Contacts: For feedback and general enquiries, please contact Lian Mills President 0418 712636; www.zpactheatre.com; https://www.facebook.com/zpactheatre/

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2018 AGM – President’s Message

A message from the President…

Liane Mills
Liane Mills

Z-PAC is pleased to announce the Z-PAC Executive Committee to take us through to 2019.

After a contested election at our 2018 AGM on March 7th, all members of the 2017-8 Committee has been returned with tremendous majority support from our members. We congratulate these hardworking members of Z-PAC who do so much for our Community Theatre, and all look forward to supporting them through the busy year ahead.

  • President – Liane Mills
  • Vice-President – Derek Barrington
  • Secretary – Steve Dixon
  • Treasurer – Deb Hunter
  • Artistic Director – Louise Fantinel (assisted by Mark Thomson)
  • Technical Director – Jeff Sweeney
  • Promotions Co-Ordinator – Joanne Spencer
  • Committee Member – Graeme Roberts

We thank the unsuccessful candidates for their nominations.
We thank our Mayor, George Seymour for his attendance. He was most impressed with our Theatre and in engaging in further talks with our President as to how the FCRC can be of assistance to Z-PAC.
Congratulations to our new Life Member – Robert Garland.
If you missed the AGM and would like to read the reports from our re-elected 2017-18 Committee please click here:

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