Volunteer at Z-PAC Theatre

Become A Volunteer

Z-PAC Theatre is run entirely by volunteer members with a shared love of community and theatre. Firm friendships are formed as volunteers help to keep the theatre producing quality productions for the community to enjoy.

There are many many ways you can get involved, whether it is working on a production, sprucing up the foyer, serving drinks to patrons, selling tickets, building sets, rehearsing lines, sewing costumes, setting up tech lights or some of the many, many other jobs available.

There are Executive Roles, Non-Executive Roles. The Executive Team is elected each year and perform their duties on a regular basis throughout the year. The Non-Executive roles are general made up of volunteers who offer their services as they are able. There are no demands or expectations placed on volunteers. Z-PAC is happy to welcome volunteers in the capacity that they are able to help.

For your information, see some of the jobs below. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Katie O’Neill, Z-PAC President, on 0402 117 479 or e-mail president@zpactheatre.com. If you have a particular skill which you believe may be of value, please let us know.

Executive Roles

Executive roles in the theatre are selected by vote at the Annual General Meeting of the theatre. Nominations for these positions should be submitted to the current Secretary by email at secretary@zpactheatre.com, or by mail to ZPAC Theatre, PO Box 120, Hervey Bay QLD 4655.

President | Vice-President | Secretary | Treasurer | Artistic Director | Promotions/Marketing Director | Technical Director | Facility Coordinator

Non-Executive Roles

Membership Coordinator | Sponsorship | Front of House Coordinator | Duty Officer | Ticket Seller | Booking Officer | Canteen (Kitchen) | Bar Attendant | Ushers | Production Director | Wardrobe Coordinator

Other Roles

Roles in Productions | Archiving Officer

Executive Roles


Responsible to: The Management Committee.

Duties (In accordance with Constitution):

  • To chair all meetings
  • To represent the theatre at all public events or to appoint a representative if necessary
  • To sign all binding agreements and documents
  • To be ex-officio on all sub-committees
  • To ensure all committee responsibilities are being carried out


Responsible to: The Management Committee.


  • To assist the President in the conduct of their duties
  • To fulfil the duties of President if that officer is unavailable or incapacitated


Responsible to: The Management Committee

Duties (as per Constitution) plus:

  • To ensure all minutes, business arising and agendas are distributed in a timely manner (minutes, preferably within 7 days of meeting)
  • To ensure all minutes and reports are filed in an appropriate manner
  • To ensure correspondence is handled in accordance with the constitution
  • To ensure compliance with all Government requirements


Responsible to: The Management Committee.

Duties (as per constitution) plus:

  • To ensure all monies are handled in accordance with the constitution and as directed by the Management Committee
  • To keep an accurate and timely record of the financial state of the theatre
  • To present full and accurate financial reports to every Management Committee meeting
  • To keep accurate financial statistics of all theatre productions
  • To arrange for End of Year Reports to be prepared and presented to the AGM in accordance with Government requirements

Artistic Director

Responsible to: The Management Committee.

Duties are to ensure:

  • The artistic areas of the theatre are continued at a high standard
  • Directors of individual plays meet the standards required
  • Youth Theatre continues the high standards already achieved under the supervision of the Artistic Director
  • The recruitment of new directors
  • To encourage members to become assistant directors with the view of directing their own productions
  • In conjunction with the Management Committee all productions are to be presented to the Artistic Director who will then:
    • Approve a Director in accordance with guidelines
    • Presents approved projects and time frame to Executive Committee for endorsement

The Artistic Director:

  • Shall account to the Management Committee on all matters relating to all productions and is responsible for the artistic content of the theatre
  • May attend the auditions and may assist in selection of cast
  • May attend rehearsals and advise as necessary
  • May, in consultation with the Management Committee, replace an actor/ director/ production team member or postpone or cancel any production

Promotions and Marketing Director

Responsible to: The Management Committee.


  • Ensure all activities of the theatre are advertised in a timely manner and in the appropriate media and in keeping with budgets as set by Management Committee and in conjunction with the director of any performance being promoted
  • Promote the theatre throughout the community
  • To liaise with sponsors
  • Develop and maintain relationships with media and sponsors

Technical Director

Responsible to: The Management Committee


  • Ensure all technical equipment is used and stored correctly and oversee the organisation and use of this equipment
  • Liaise with the lighting and sound operators
  • Ensure all operators are qualified to operate the equipment and adequate supervision is supplied to those operators who need it
  • Liaise with the Artistic Director and Production Director to help design and operate the technical aspect of the production
  • Advise the committee on technical equipment repair, maintenance and replacement needs
  • Ensure all sets are constructed and installed safely and correctly

Facility Co-ordinator

Responsible to: Technical Director

The Facilities Co-ordinator is to ensure the safety, cleanliness, maintenance and operation of the facility are maintained at the highest level within the guidelines and budget as determined by the Technical Director. The Facilities Coordinator is to ensure:

  • That the facility is kept clean and well cared for at all times
  • All maintenance is carried out by personnel with correct skills
  • There are current, correct safety manuals and procedures in place for all tasks
  • An evacuation, hold up and disaster plan is readily available
  • All access and egress points are safe for patrons to use
  • A facility Induction course is conducted for all volunteers including cast
  • That safety audits are carried out in accordance with Government regulations
  • That all hazards and incidents are reported in writing to the Management Committee

Non-Executive Roles


Membership Co-ordinator

Responsible to: Promotions/Marketing Co-ordinator


  • Maintain an up-to-date interactive Membership Register which will contain name, all contact details, membership status, and responsibilities of members and supporters
  • Devise and conduct systems to recruit new members and supporters
  • Devise and conduct recognition events and programmes for members and volunteers
  • Ensure members are aware of all events and casual vacancies


Source sponsors for individual productions or general sponsorship in either cash or services.

Front of House Related Duties

Front of House Co-ordinator

Responsible to: Artistic Director


  • Recruit and roster people for all front of house duties
  • Oversee the operation and presentation of all volunteers in Front of House areas including ticketing, ushering, kitchen, and bar to support productions
  • Coordinate with Treasurer to support productions

Duty Officer

Responsible to: Front of House Manager


  • Distribute money to all floats
  • Greet people at the front door when doors open and direct people to the right queue for tickets (presold/sales at the door)
  • Welcome late comers
  • Sell tickets to other shows before, during and after the show
  • Take new membership applications (membership is to be promoted and encouraged)
  • Answer questions and generally supervise and assist other team members when needed
  • Count the money at the end of the night and balance the floats

Ticket Seller

Responsible to: Front of House Manager


  • Greet patrons
  • Sell tickets and programmes
  • Accurate money handling
  • Provide information as required
  • Making patrons feel valued and important

Booking Officer

Responsible to: Promotions/Marketing Director


  • Keep a record of All Internal Theatre Bookings and update calendar at the theatre
  • Take all External Theatre Bookings, for approval by Management Committee
  • Immediately advise Marketing Officer of all bookings, both Internal and External
  • Liaise with Treasurer for Invoicing of External Theatre Bookings

Canteen (Kitchen)

Responsible to: Front of House Manager


  • Preparing and serving nibbles, tea and coffee to order and on time
  • Maintaining a clean and hygienic kitchen ensuring food hygiene and food safety
  • Assisting with ushering duties
  • Making Patrons feel valued and important

Bar Attendant

Responsible to: Front of House Manager


  • Responsible service of alcohol
  • Serving beverages
  • Making Patrons feel valued and important


Responsible to: Front of House Manager


  • Checking of tickets when patrons enter the theatre seating area
  • Assist people and show to their seat
  • Sit in the theatre during the performance, assist when required of patrons
  • Making Patrons feel valued and important

Production Staff

Production Director

Responsible to: the Artistic Director


  • Submit Production Proposal to the Artistic Director
  • Liaise with the Artistic Director to organise a production schedule, auditions and other necessary details
  • Nominate a Production Team for approval by the Management Committee
  • Hold Open Auditions to appoint a cast. This means advertise the auditions locally in the media
  • Auditions to be held at Z-Pac in the format to be approved by the Management Committee. Casting without Open Auditions is not permitted
  • Attend production meetings and liaise with the Technical Director to develop the show’s sound, lighting and design concepts
  • Run rehearsals over a fixed rehearsal period
  • Report progress to the Artistic Director and the rest of the Management Committee when required

Wardrobe Co-ordinator

Responsible to: Director of current show under the Artistic Director


  • Keep wardrobe area neat and tidy
  • Keep record of all costumes taken from costume area for Z-PAC shows and other shows
  • Arrange for cleaning and repairs of costumes as required after receiving approval from the Management Committee for any associated costs
  • Liaise with Directors and Artistic Directors in regard to costuming for shows

Other Duties Include

Other Roles in Productions

  • Producer/Assistant to Director
  • Music Director (if necessary)
  • Actors
  • Musicians (if necessary)
  • Stage Manager
  • Stage Hands
  • Sound and Lighting Techs
  • Costume Design and Making
  • Make-up and Hair

Archiving Officer

Responsible to: Secretary


  • File Administration paperwork as required
  • Keep tidy and accessible records of previous show
  • Research and provide information as requested by the Management Committee

Please contact Katie O’Neill, Z-PAC President, on 0402 117 479 or e-mail president@zpactheatre.com for more information.