Z-PAC On the Move: Snapshots From Home (2019)

Z-PAC Theatre On-the-Move presents Snapshots from Home, An Amateur Production by arrangement with AustralianPlays.org by Margery Forde; Directed by Jonathan Dunn

Our inaugural production for this new program will be a wonderful Australian play, called Snapshots From Home written by Margery Forde, and will be directed by one of our most experienced directors, Jonathan Dunn.

Based on the wartime memories of twenty-four men and women from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, Snapshots From Home shares the stories of ordinary people living through extraordinary times. An honest, heartbreaking, and hilariously funny glimpse at the realities of life on the home front during World War Two.

Commissioned to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the end of WWII in the Pacific, the play combines a series of ‘snapshots’, linked together by visual images, radio broadcasts, dance, music and song.  It’s going to be a wonderful show and we are so excited to be able to reach the people who enjoy live theatre, but are unable to come into Z-PAC.

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